2017 do it - instructions
Make a Wish and hang it on a tree

2017 CONNEXION make a comment and hang it on the tree.

2017 Yoko Ono Instruction Art
Hang a wish on a tree gallery

2016 SURVIVAL Casoria Contemporary Art Museum  Naples

2016 ONIR  Circulo De Arte De Toledo

2015 REAL-TIME CAM  Naples

2015 Plener Garbatka Poland

2014 IN&Out of the Citadel Lodz Poland

2014 Harlech Biennale

2013 Estate Kultur Salzburg Austria

2012 Camouflage Austria

2012 CAMArtWar
CAM Naples/Europe Online

2012 Transport of Delights

How do you keep the music playing

2010 Ligacao Elvas Portugal

2010 It Begins To Tell

2009 Harlech Biennale

Oriel Senig Harlech connect with Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Naples

2007 NEXO Toledo

2007 Artists Proof  Ein Hod

2006 NEXO Toledo

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Website undergoing update and installation of REAL-TIME work.